Little Miss Ecosse is half Scottish. However something has become quite obvious to me and I can’t quite pinpoint when I first noticed it. Perhaps the moment she stepped out of the hospital, four days old and decked out from head to toe in Petit Bateau. Perhaps when from around the age of six weeks she began demanding her meals at 8, 12, 4 and 8 o’clock on the dot. Perhaps when  only her breton striped Armorlux teddy (seriously) would do at bedtime. Perhaps when she began demanding “fromage” after her meals (what next….vin rouge in the sippy cup?). Whenever it was one thing is for sure. Little Miss Ecosse may be half Scottish…but she is 100% “made in France”!

First day in the Happy Valley, even her teddy bear was Petit Bateau. La classe!

This brings me neatly on to something that seems to be quite rightly a huge trend in France right now. From food and drink, to clothing, cosmetics and even children’s toys (Sophie la girafe anyone?), consumers are looking for original, quality products 100% “fabriqué en France”. Or as the French like to say “made in France”.  I myself have jumped on this bandwagon, even taking to shaking my fist and shouting “C’est dommage pour la France!” at the poor lady in my local post office when she announced the price of sending my lovely  bespoke made in France baby gifts back to Ecosse and I decided next time I would just have to forget about my patriotic principles and send something made in China from directly.

As a self confessed shopaholic I’d like to share some of my favorite “made in France” brands with you. While I might have learned to exercise restraint when adding to my own wardrobe these days, when it comes to Little Miss Ecosse there really is no limit. There are too many gorgeous French kids brands to mention but one of my favourite finds has been a company called Joépia Paris. If you’re into the bloomers and Liberty smock look then look no further. The products may seem a little pricey at first but they are beautifully made using quality fabrics, and if you’re savvy you can snap up a bargain during their sales or happy hour promotions which you can find out about on their social media pages or by signing up to the newsletter. I can also testify to the great customer service. When a delay in my payment led to a problem with my order one of the owners contacted me promptly and sent an adorable pair of Liberty print bloomers with my order to make up for the inconvenience. The advantage of little brands like this is the personal touch, you feel you’re getting an almost unique product. We’re certainly not likely to bump into anyone wearing the same thing in the Happy Valley!

Little Miss Ecosse teamed her Joepia Paris tartan romper with a pair of Clarks Originals desert boots


In a similar vein is the lingerie brand Fleurs Pois et Cie. No frills or cheap satin here, instead a variety of underwear and nightwear in crisp cotton with delicate vintage floral prints. Although it was initially launched as a brand for teenagers after one of the owners Caroline despaired at the deplorable selection of bras available on the French high street for her young daughter, thankfully many of the products suit us older “young ladies” too. I couldn’t resist the boxer and camisole in broderie anglaise from the “Charlotte” collection and the “Camille” nightdress with its pale blue print reminiscent of an antique china tea set. Don’t forget to order your matching “pochette” which can be used as a toilet bag or to organise your underwear drawer. The products arrive beautifully packaged with that personal touch which just makes your purchase feel so much more luxurious. The  products may seem pricey compared to the high street but the quality of the fabric and the limited edition prints mean you are buying a virtually unique product that is going to last. The message here is definitely quality not quantity.

The cool crisp cotton prints from Fleurs Pois et Cie are hard to resist and it almost seems a shame to cover them up!


Next on my made in France shopping list are the all natural children’s skincare products from Minois Paris (for Little Miss Ecosse) and a playsuit from the Armorlux heritage collection (for me). But that will have to wait til next payday. I’ll keep you posted!